Why I Started a Business for Military Spouses

why I started a business for military spouses

Originally posted on MilitarySpouse.com

As a mom and military spouse, I’ve learned that necessity is the mother of all invention. There are so many needs and problems that need to be solved creatively and on the fly.

We all have worked wonders with blousing straps, finger paint, and duct tape. But there are some problems that even the cleverest military mom can’t always solve, specifically when it comes to financially providing for our families.

I graduated from college in 2007 and then watched the economy tank. I spent a couple of years in and out of jobs, wondering what to do with my career.

Then, in 2010, I fell into social media by way of a “happy accident” – I was networking a lot and found myself helping older entrepreneurs with using Facebook. Someone suggested that I make it into a business—which sounded crazy at the time—but I did it and it ended up being the BEST thing I could have ever done.

When I became a military spouse and was sent a million miles away from my professional life, I didn’t realize how hard it would be to have a career. Finding a job that allowed me to be with my kids and understood the sudden changes and demands of my husband’s job was practically impossible.

And, it wasn’t just me struggling to find opportunities.

Many of my fellow military moms were struggling with the same dilemma. The only options seemed to be fast food, retail or starting a networking- marketing business. There HAD to be another option.

From this, All-In-One Social Media was born.

Military spouses and moms, wherever stationed, can help businesses around the country grow through the power of social media.

Businesses receive daily postings to popular social networks, custom graphics and a small advertising budget, while military spouses and moms manage accounts, acquire professional skills, make money to support their families, and have freedom to work when they can.

I created this business, because I’ve witnessed firsthand the need for military spouses and moms to have jobs with fair pay and flexible hours, so they can be there for their families. This is especially important given their military spouse’s often-hectic schedule.

Now, military spouses and moms, especially those with college degrees, have a more flexible way to supplement their spouse’s income.

Teara Parker, stationed at the Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, is one of the military spouses and moms that I work with at All-In-One.

“I wasn’t looking for a job elsewhere as I worked from home five years prior in corporate accounting and didn’t have a desire to work outside the house. Before kids, I held multiple management positions throughout many military moves,” Parker said. “Contracting for All-In-One (AiO) has allowed me to develop a unique set of marketing skills while also enhancing my capabilities on multiple social media platforms. I love how I can work as fast or as slow as I want and at any time of day. AiO benefits small businesses by hiring educated military spouses that often don’t get the luxury of holding one job while moving multiple times.”

I love being able to empower military spouses and moms with job flexibility. Being one of those myself, I know how hard it is to manage kids, my active duty husband’s demanding schedule, and find time to work. Helping and relating to these moms and spouses allows us not only to help businesses thrive and grow, but also allows military spouses and moms to get what they need to support their families.

While being a military spouse—and mom of 2 little kids —is challenging, I believe that it has made me a better entrepreneur.

I have learned to be able to deal with anything at moment’s notice. Military spouses are always put in situations where we need to make things happen RIGHT AWAY with a smile on our faces.

I am more resourceful than I have ever been. I find that I can do more and do it better than I ever have before, especially with the help of my team that is in the military mom trenches with me.

why I started a business for military spouses