Meet Our Team – Lisa

meet our team lisa

The team at All-In-One is not only a spunky, sassy bunch but also all military spouses. I wanted to take some time to introduce you to our amazing team that is helping the business that works with us to grow while they also balance the military spouse life, sweatpants and all.

meet our team member LisaMeet Lisa! She is my go to for random needs and unusual projects. Her willingness to be down to learn or do whatever needs to be done makes her a vital part of the team, even though I am sure she wishes that I didn’t email her at all hours of the day. lol

Where are you stationed and branch?

Hubby at Randolph, AFB, TX. He teaches the T-6 to new Instructor Pilots.

How has working with All-In-One helped you and your family?

It’s helped me feel like I’m contributing something financially.  It’s exciting to have a job that didn’t even exist when I went to high school–it’s neat to be at the forefront of digital marketing like this.

What new skills has it given you?

I learned how to use Sendible, I get to be the voice of local businesses, pretty cool.

What is your favorite part about working with AIOSM?

I like that part of my work is surfing the internet, seriously, I’d be doing this anyway.

meet our team member LisaHow do you feel the work you do for AIO helps businesses? 

I think it keeps clients of the businesses engaged with their social media page.  I know from experience having a link or image pop up in my newsfeed gets me thinking about a business I like.

Tell us a little bit about you.

Used to be active duty military as a weather officer and used to teach science. I currently have one kid and hope to have more.  I enjoy reading fiction, cooking, and exercise.  Family time is my #1 priority–I work hard to try and find “Balance.”


Meet All-In-One team member Lisa