3 Military Marketing Mistakes That Will Ruin Credibility With Military Families

3 Marketing Mistakes That Will Ruin Credibility With Military Families - military marketing

My family is in the middle of moving (aka PCSing) overseas. I called my bank to talk to them about my concern about ATM fees and using my debit card out of country. When I was transferred to their new military department I was presented with service after service that had nothing to do with what I needed. Even after I preceded to tell them that I didn’t need a loan or whatever else it was that they were trying to push their military marketing agenda on me, but they still didn’t understand what my issue was.

They didn’t understand that as a military family, we have unusal needs.

I don’t want you to make these mistakes when you try to market to military. The All-In-One team of military spouses are here to make sure you don’t make a common mistake like this. Here are some tips to help you maintain credibility with them when you are marketing to them.

Learn about the uniform

An article recently came out dogging on bad military stock photography. And while the article was humorous is was 100% spot on! If an active military person, veteran, or spouse were to see a photo of a someone ‘out of regs’ (a military person, who does not conform to military uniform standards) they are going to be so focused on how wrong the image or video is and completely discredit what you are trying to share with them on social media.

Research military uniforms, including how hair is suppose to look before picking from a stock photo. And if you are planning a shoot of some sort, it would be of great value to consult with an active duty military person throughout the process to make sure you are maintaining the integrity of the uniform.

An image of young kid hugging her active duty dad - military marketingLearn about our lifestyle

Did you know that the average American lives within 18 miles of their mothers? My mom currently lives 900+ miles away from me.

Did you know that active duty personnel moves an average of every 2-3 years? We have moved twice and are about to do our third move in just THREE years.

Did you know that HALF of male military members are married BEFORE the age of 25? My parents were married at 22 (and celebrating 30 years of marriage this year.)

Military life comes with its own lifestlye. We move far from our families, spouses sacrifice everything for love knowing that mission always comes first, are often one income families, participate in network marketing, cling to our phones no matter where we are or the time of day, cook meals for families in need, and every day at 5pm come to attention with our hands on hearts to pay homage to the National Anthem.

Take time to learn about our unique culture and way of life and you will have loyal customers for life.

We’d like a military discount

You can go online and look up how much active duty members make based on rank. And as you know from the white paper, 47% of active duty spouses are unemployed. We ask for a discount not because we don’t value your product or service, but because we are trying to stretch out dollars as much as possible. While we don’t make a lot, we still enjoy going out and having fun as much as everyone else, but if you give us a military discount, it really goes a long way.

3 Marketing Mistakes That Will Ruin Credibility With Military Families.