Podcast 002 – 10 Things You Can Always Post on Social Media

10 things you can always post on social media

Have you ever just been stumped about what to post when you are planning out your social media calendar? Every open up Facebook and just think “Crap! What do I post?”

Never fear, we have a list of 10 things you can ALWAYS post on social media to help make your social media life just a little bit easier.

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • 10 things you can always post on social media

About Our Guest

Desiree Martinez is a military spouse, mom, nerd, and social media marketer. Since 2010, she has helped over 100 small business grow through social media marketing. When she became an Air Force wife in 2013, she was pregnant and stranded in the middle of nowhere ready to take on my new life. But the more and more she became a part of my military community, the more she learned how hard it was for military spouses to get work. Not just because we all play second fiddle the demands of the Military, but because there isn’t much opportunity for them to make money while also holding down the fort at home. These educated and driven spouses just want to provide for their family, but often get the door slammed in their face because they carry the title ‘military spouse.’

In September of 2015, as she entered into her 3rd trimester with her 2nd child, All-In-One Social Media was born. They help small business grow while putting military spouses to work. Her years of helping business owners showed her that businesses want to be a part of social media, but often just don’t know what to do. She loves helping them by giving them a voice in social media, seeing them grow, and relieving the stress from them.

You go run your business. They’ve got your social media covered.

She is a foodie, nerd, Disney junkie, and passionate about all things Harry Potter. She not only had Mario Kart themed wedding, but is also an award winning social media manager, Google Glass beta tester, and founder of Social Media Day Phoenix.

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