Military Marketing Monday – What You Need To Know About The Uniform

There is nothing that will instantly lose your business all credibility with military members than having the people in your marketing material, not in regs (aka not in regulation uniforms). Here are some pointers to make sure you don’t make this simple, but common mistakes.

I will be reviewing the following uniform things to pay attention to:

  • Hair for both men and women
  • When military members where their hats
  • Facial hair
  • Uniform prints and when to wear them

If you ever need help with making sure your marketing materials geared toward active duty military and veterans please just shoot me a message and I will gladly look it over with our team of military spouses. We want to make sure your brand is putting their best foot forward to market to military members and their family.

If you want more information about the military demographic, please check out my white paper about how active duty military and their families use social media.

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