Podcast 003 – Engagement First!


Social comes 1st in social media marketing for a reason, it’s so easy to curate, create and distribute, but now it’s getting kinda lost.

Tim Elliott will be going over why “people buy people” through engagement. Whether you are a plumber or famous athlete, you need to engage no matter how hard it is. It is called SOCIAL media for a reason.

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • “People buy people” always have always will –  and that is still right no matter what boring business you are in,  you’re in the relationship business –  social is one of the best ways to start  to build relationships
  • “Social comes 1st in “social media marketing” for a reason.
  • ”It’s the difference between building community and building audience.” -Chris Brogan
  • We all know social media is noisy right now: in 2016 companies produced 300% more content than the previous year and looks to increase again this year
  • There is no shortage of good information out there-  we need to give people a reason to actually read ours – really consume it and want to know more
  • You focus on engagement it gives people a reason to read your content, to ask you questions, to click whatever you need clicking
  • Engagement Tactics for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

About Our Guest

Tim Elliott is a champion marketer who focuses on the ethos of “People buy people”. He is t he creator of the FYI customer architecture model, CoFounder of MarketEd.Live, freelance marketing director, speaker and a Virgin start-up mentor.

Tim has 20 years’ experience in marketing, throughout which time he has worked with a wide variety of brands and businesses from premier league football clubs, a variety of FMCG brands, manufacturers, start-ups, professional services organisations and large pub companies, and even some boring businesses.

He is also a firm believer that everything tastes better with peanut butter.

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Marketing For Your Boring Business Podcast - Engagement First