Podcast 011: 10 Ways to Level Up Your Basic Website

10 Ways to Level Up Your Basic Website Podcast


A website is an online foundation for any business, but even keeping a basic website fresh and updated isn’t always easy to do. With so many options and tutorials and opinions on line, how is a business owner supposed to know what to do? Or even keep up?

We talk with Perri Collins of Collis Digital Media about 10 ways you can simply improve the functionality of your website so you can better meet the demands of website users.

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • 10 ways to level up your basic website
  • Resources to help you with your website

About Our Guest

Perri Collins designed her first website in 1999 and hasn’t stopped since. At Collins Digital Media, she helps small companies take their first steps in digital marketing. She has a unique gift for taking highly technical information and making it easy for non-tech people to understand. Perri started her digital career working in the media industry, so she has firsthand experience in how to maximize digital content to reach people. She has a degree in journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University.

Fun facts: She loves to travel and have been to 14 countries so far, grew up in rural Texas in a town of 464 people. She not afraid of clowns, but actually likes them. She fluent in Spanish, loves musicals and old movies.

Links Mentioned In The Show

Download Perri’s 10 Ways to Level Up Your Basic Website list with the link below. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

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10 Ways to Level Up Your Basic Website - Podcast