Podcast 012: Using Images To Tell Your Story


When it comes to social media and marketing, the images are hands down the most important part of your marketing. You could be the best person in business ever, but if you have boring images that don’t connect with users or images that tell your story to your potential customers are going to move on to the next professional.

We talk with Crystal Hollman about how you should be using images to tell your story, when to use them, and how. You will be booking that lifestyle and product shoot asap after learning what Crystal has to say!

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • The importance of having brand stock photos
  • Having a plan for using your images
  • The different kinds of photos you can take
  • How often you should be doing brand photos
  • Things to consider when taking photos

About Our Guest

Crystal is a portrait and lifestyle photographer specializing in creative business portraits and styled stock photography. She works with business owners to create the images that match their brand and style—at a price that fits their budget. When she’s not shooting the next up-and-coming entrepreneur, or standing over props for a styled session, you can find her hanging out with her two little girls and husband.

Go to Crystal’s website for 5 free styled images www.crystalclearphotographyaz.com

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Using Images To Tell Your Story Podcast