Podcast 21 – Getting Started With Youtube For Your Boring Business

Getting Started With Youtube For Your Boring Business Podcast


We all know Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine on the internet, but what you don’t know is what your boring business should be doing on Youtube. As someone who sits down and stares at a camera on a weekly bases, I understand how weird and hard it is to figure out what you should be saying on video.

We talk with the Hairy Brit himself, Alan Spicer, about how your niche is interesting to the person who has searched, found and is watching you. He shares with us tips for getting started, why you need to define your niche, how to break-up your content and so much more. (Plus, he is just so dreamy to listen to, so enjoy!)

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • Explaining how YouTube can help all businesses no matter if they are “fun” or “boring”
  • Why you need to know your niche
  • Evergreen and Topical content

About Our Guest

Alan Spicer is Web developer and social media nerd since 2007. He has worked with blue chip companies for web development and consultancy. Helped to develop possibly hundreds of websites for SMEs who needed Online Shops, WordPress Website Designs and Bespoke Web Development projects and then helped them with Online Branding and Search Engine Optimisation to help them stand out from the crowd!

His face has been seen by over 18 million people on YouTube. Promotional works include eCommerce Food Retailer MuscleFoodUK, Music Video Channel Kerrang TV!, and Naughty Snack Brand Pot Noodle.

Links Mentioned In The Show

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Getting Started With Youtube For Your Boring Business Podcast