January Marketing Calendar

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Forget Christmas, have you started planning your New Year yet?! Your January Marketing Calendar should be on your hitlist already to help you STAND OUT on that cluttered news feed. I know this time of year you’re panicking about Christmas dinner, whether uncle Ralph has had too much brandy or if the cat has got stuck in the tree again. But at this time of year you need to be preparing for the message and company image you want to be projecting in the New Year.

Here are some tips on what you should put in your January Marketing Calendar for 2018

Preparing your New Year content before the Christmas rush can help you get ahead of the game in January. Use your time BEFORE Christmas Day to help plan in advance to reduce the stress and panic of trying to think of what to post on January 1st while still recovering from the New Years party.

New Year, New Opt-in

New Year is a great time to offer a new freebie to your desired audience. This can be themed to help them in the coming days, weeks and months of the New Year. The opt-in give you the chance to add to your mailing list as well as giving your potential client a chance to contact you.

Landing pages and mailing list are a great way to stay in touch with your audience. Plan in your January Marketing Calendar to offer them services, promote your videos and also feed them good advice that may lead to business enquiries in future.

Easy To Consume Lists

A great way to add content to your newsfeed, blogs and videos is lists. Lists can be about fun topical content for example “10 Things Dentists Fear In Winter” or can be educational “7 Quick Tips To Solve Back Pain”. These are easy to consume content that will have people engaged for a little longer than a simple image post.

Everyone loves tips and tricks to achieve their New Year’s resolution.

Have Fun With Winter

Winter and its weather can be hard to hide from, so why not have fun with it. Share your thoughts in your January Marketing Calendar on the icicles, take pictures of your dog wrapped up in scarves, write your facebook update in the snow and take a picture!

Even if you’re in a place where winter doesn’t really show its full force you can still make fun out of that… maybe a winter BBQ?

Do Something New in 2018

New Year is a great time to add something new to your toolbox. Take a look at what you are currently doing and tray and add something to the mix. Do you have a website? Do you want to start making videos? Looking to start sharing your thoughts in a Podcast? New Year, new skill!

I hope these tips help inspire you to do more in 2018!

OH! and here is my January Content Calendar for you!

January Content Calendar

January Social Media Content Calendar