Podcast 28 – What To Put In Your Business Trailer

Podcast 28 - What to put in your business trailer


We talk a lot about video on this podcast and rightfully so, with 100 million hours of video content being watched on Facebook daily it is obviously not a trend that is going away. But what is the easiest way to get started with video? Well, besides the obvious to just pull out your smartphone and going Live, might we suggest creating a Business Trailer.

I talk with Emmy Award-winning producer, Denis Naughton about what you should be putting in your business trailer, why you need one and where can you use it.

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • Determining what to include in your video
  • How to include the information
  • Pitching yourself without sounding like a used car salesman
  • Small tips that can make or break a video

About Our Guest

Denise Naughton, is an Emmy Award-winning and multiple Emmy nominated producer who has created thousands of hours of television and worked on 4 startup shows, helping to take them from an idea to reality.  Before starting her company, Brand You Media, Denise worked in New York City as Executive Producer of a national entertainment show where she also created multiple 1-hour network specials.  She currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri providing video production to small businesses and DIY video training courses.

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podcast - What to put in your business trailer