Podcast 30 – The Power of Facebook and Instagram Stories (w/ @reverbalc)

Podcast - The Power Of Facebook and Instagram Stories


Y’all know that if there is anything I say all the time it’s 1.) have a plan and 2.) tell your story. Well, what better way to tell your story than with Instagram or Facebook Stories. Stories allow for you to tell your story in the moment and last for 24-hours. In that 24 hours, you get to be 100% yourself; the raw, flawed, make-up less, and vulnerable self. Then Poof! After 24-hours it is gone and time for you to tell your story in a new way.

I have storytelling expert (and fellow cold weather dweller), Josh Klemons, on this episode of Marketing For Your Boring Business. We dive deep into the who, what, where, why, how of Stories to help your story stand out, get found, and get you those conversions.

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • What are Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories
  • Tips & tricks
  • Must Do’s
  • How to see results
  • What are & how to use Highlights

About Our Guest

Josh Klemons is a Digital Storyteller/Strategist and the founder of Reverbal Communications, which helps brands of all shapes and sizes find, hone and tell their stories online. He has done digital work with local, statewide and national political campaigns, tiny non-profits, big companies and everything in between. He sits on the board of Social Media Breakfast Madison, Grow Madison and the marketing committee for the United Way of Dane County. He writes, teaches, trains and presents regularly on social media and ways brands can reach, engage and expand their online audiences. His motto is simple: You have a story… Let’s tell it!


Get Josh’s FREE checklist for getting started with Facebook Live. www.joshklemons.com/facebook-live-checklist

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Podcast - The Power Of Facebook and Instagram Stories