Podcast 31 – What You Need To Know About Influencer Marketing (w/ @candidlysocial)

Podcast 31 - What You Need To Know About Influencer Marketing


Nowadays, Instagram wields a lot of power in the marketing world. But what does it mean to be ‘instafamous’? Influencers seem to come in all shapes and sizes, and most are considered celebrities. So it’s no surprise that to most, they can seem out of reach. How can these people help boring businesses through influencer marketing?

On this episode of Marketing for Your Boring Business, I speak with Raisa Sendrovich about this new wave of social media marketing, how it actually works and how businesses of all kinds can benefit.

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • What an influencer is
  • What to look for
  • The right influencer for you
  • Is it worth your time?
  • Best practices
  • Benefits & dangers

About Our Guest

Raisa is a social media maven to the stars who has been mentioned in The Huffington Post as a Top Social Media Manager.  She helps bold brands and entertainers by creating a social media strategy that gets their projects exposure, increases their social media presence, and eliminates the frustration of lackluster results within 12 weeks!

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