How You Can Learn From Chief Master Sergeant, Kaleth O. Wright?

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Chief Master Sergeant (CMSAF) Wright is also open, honest and relatable on Social Media. He helps lift everyone’s mood when they are down. Praises airmen when they do something inspirational and shares behind the scenes photos to prove that he is a relatable human being. There are many things that boring businesses can learn from Chief Master Sergeant Kaleth O. Wright.

Who is Chief Master Chief Of The Air Force, Kaleth O. Wright?

Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Kaleth O. Wright represents the highest enlisted level of leadership, and as such, provides direction for the enlisted force and represents their interests, as appropriate, to the American public, and to those in all levels of government. He serves as the personal adviser to the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Air Force on all issues regarding the welfare, readiness, morale, and proper utilization and progress of the enlisted force. Chief Wright is the 18th chief master sergeant appointed to the highest noncommissioned officer position.

Chief Wright enlisted in the Air Force in March of 1989 and his background includes various duties in the dental career field. He served as a Professional Military Education instructor and has held various senior enlisted positions while serving at squadron, group, wing, Task-Force and numbered Air Force levels. He has deployed in support of operations Desert Shield/Storm and Enduring Freedom and completed overseas tours in South Korea, Japan, Germany and Alaska.

How You Can Learn From Chief Master Sergeant, Kaleth O. Wright?

CMSAF Wright has a very active presence on Social Media and uses it to expand his reach and communicate many things to his audience. Being able to get direct advice, feedback and relatable content from a figurehead such as CMSAF Wright can help boost morale and ease any personal fear people may have. CMSAF Wright makes sure to show he day to day life on his social media. This help people to relate to him as a person and to understand what an airman’s daily life actually entails. CMSAF Wright also actively praises airmen publicly for all their hard work, achievements and awards. This helps boost morale and shows that he isn’t just a faceless figurehead.

To connect with his Social Media base CMSAF Wright also makes sure to go live for all of his public speaking events. This encourages engagement, feedback and a sense of community. Being able to hear the latest news from your brand leader, while interacting in real time, inspires others to do their best and implement the new news or advice directly into their everyday life faster and with more confidence.