Podcast 36 – You Went Viral, Now What? (with Michelle of @leeannandmichelle)

Podcast you went viral now what



Videos seem to go viral every day, but the secrets to having this happen with you OWN content is still a mystery. Do you ever ask yourself what going viral actually means, and if it’s something boring businesses can even do? Some people can just whip out their phone and go viral overnight, does everyone just need to keep doing that until something hits?

On this episode, I talk with Michelle Fortin about how the answer, fundamentally, is no and how it’s possible to find comedy in the day-to-day life of any business… and go viral with it. We discuss the dos and don’ts and how going viral isn’t sheer luck, and how, if it is, you can tip the scales in your favor.

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • How to find the ‘funny’ in your business
  • Being relatable
  • Deciding on and brainstorming your content
  • The cycle of production
  • Virality and conversion

About Our Guest

Michelle is a PR professional that is also one half of comedy duo Leeann and Michelle, who love to make women and moms laugh. You know them from their viral videos “Look What Joanna Made Me Do” and “If You’re My Friend Then You’d Buy This.”  Their passion is to create great comedy in many mediums; parodies, sketch humor and live, improv comedy shows. Their videos have attracted millions of views on Facebook, and have received national attention from USA Today, The New York Times, TODAY and Southern Living.

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Podcast 36 - You Went Viral, Now What? />