Podcast 37 – Get Out Of Your Own Damn Way (w/ @EllenEGoodwin)

Podcast 37 - Get Out Of Your Own Damn Way



We’re all constantly looking for ways to improve our business and marketing – that’s a given. However, one thing most people don’t consider is that sometimes one of the biggest obstacles for their business may be themselves. There are a million problems every ‘boring’ business faces when it comes to getting their name out there and marketing themselves to the right people, but some of these problems may be more easily solvable than you think… because they begin with you.


Today I talk with Ellen Goodwin, who trains and coaches people on how to Get Out of Their Own Damn Way to allow their businesses to thrive. We discuss habits good and bad, general positivity vs negativity and how it translates into your businesses, as well as what DAMN really means.


In this Episode, we will share with you

  • The big things that stop people getting it done
  • Focussing on what you want
  • Moving forward once you have a ‘list’
  • Negativity & positivity in your marketing
  • Outsourcing and building a team

 As well as D.A.M.N.  

  • Declare what you want.
  • Abolish limiting beliefs and thinking.
  • Move boldly against your fear.
  • Notice the backslide.



About Our Guest

Ellen Goodwin is a Productivity Expert, TEDx speaker, and full time Action Hero.  Through her coaching and training she enables digital entrepreneurs to build stronger habits, harness the power of action and accountability and be more focused so that their businesses can thrive and grow.


As the Founder and CEO of EllenGoodwin.com and THE SHIFT Mastermind, she empowers entrepreneurs to Become the Action Hero of Their Own Lives so that they can have the business and the life they have always imagined.


Ellen resides in sunny San Diego where she is the co-host of “The Faster, Easier, Better Show” podcast, founder of the Dive Bar of the Month Club and is currently at work on her upcoming book on Living the Action Hero Lifestyle.



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Podcast 37 - Get Out Of Your Own Damn Way

Podcast 37 – Get Out Of Your Own Damn Way