How To Get Things Done In Your Business

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How To Get Everything In Your Business Done // Get things done! Everyone needs time management tips and life hacks to make sure we get more done and everything is done. Productivity tips can always help boost income, clear your to list list and help you feel you are more in control of the waterfall that can be self employment.

How to get more things done is always a battle for many small business owners. When you start your business you are always tempted to take on the world alone. Its hard to see how you can afford to pay for others to help you when its so hard to make your own wage in some months. However, instead on working IN your business why not find a way to get help and then you can work FOR your business and make it GROW.

I have a few things, services and people I use to grow my business and get more done.

BUILD A TEAM — All-In-One Social Media is a ever growing team of professionals, military spouses, business minded talents and skill entrepreneurs that all work together in their niche to push the business forward. Its not what you know but who you know who is passionate about their job and love to see others succeed.

OUT SOURCE ART WORK — I use Design Pickle to gain full advantage of their graphic skills, art gallery and expertise to pump out high quality branded content for my clients. This helps speed up turn around and services more clients efficiently, increasing the overall company income and profit.

HIRE AN ALAN SPICER — Alan is a YouTube Consultant, Web Developer and a stats nerd. Alan helps me put together my content strategy, optimise my videos with video seo, titles, descriptions and branding. Since the end of 2017 we have worked together on many parts of my digital brand including YouTube and my website. You can see more from Alan on his YouTube Channel — or his website

FIVERR FOR LITTLE JOBS — Fiverr is a freelance work platform. If you are looking for little tasks, graphics, editing, logo design, VA work then Fiverr is the place to go. Its cheap but has a lot of professionals covering a wide range of services for when you need something you might not have the skill set for and only need 1–2 hours of someones time to complete it.

PODCAST PRODUCER — I know nothing about podcasting outside listening to them and talking within them so when I wanted to start my very own podcast I hunted for a professional to help me. My producer then packages the content, uploads it to distribution platforms and all i have to worry about in who I am interviewing and what we want to talk about.

VIRTUAL ASSISTANTS & ACCOUNTANTS — I would be lost without my VA and my Accountant. When I need flights booked, emails sent or meetings arranged when I am out of the office my VA will swoop in and be my survivor. You can also never forget a good accountant. Not only will they save you time, but money as well.