How To Create A Content Strategy

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How To Create A Content Strategy – A content strategy is your best plan of attack to target who, what, when, where and how to deliver your social media message and maximise the potential audience reach for your growing brand.

A good content strategy will look at the audience it needs to target within the topical setting of the delivery platform. For example you could promote Military Appreciation Month in May, March Madness in March, Thanks Giving in November and New Years leading into January.

There are 5 things you need to consider when making a content plan.

WHO – You are you creating this content for. Do you know who your demographic is? Do you know who your perfect customer is? Once you know you you want to target it make it easier to design and imagine the content those people would want to see.

WHAT – What problem are you solving for them. You need to give them something, a solution to a problem, something to think about or new lesson to learn.

HOW – Now you know WHO they are and WHAT you want to help them with you need to decide HOW you are going to share that information with them. There is a wide range of mediums you could use – Blogs, Videos, Social Media Posts, Infographics, Pictures, Podcasts, eBook and more.

WHERE – You need to get in front of them so you need to know where they are looking. Are they part of your mailing list? Maybe they are already in your Facebook group or a subscriber on your YouTube channel. Once you know where your audience is hanging out you can show up with the information they’re begging for.

WHEN – It is important when you make content that you attach it to a calendar. This content calendar can then help you maximise the reach of the post by piggybacking off the back of topical news of events such as Valentines Day, Christmas or media topics such as the Oscars.