Podcast 45 – How to use Facebook Groups for Your Boring Business (w/ @blogyourgenius)

Podcast 45 - How to use Facebook Groups for your Boring Business


Facebook is no stranger to change. Whether you use Facebook to post vacation photos or to power your business, algorithm and service changes affect everyone. There’s one subject we’ve barely touched upon though, a powerhouse in the Facebook world that is bringing people together, creating communities and growing businesses worldwide: Facebook groups.

Today I talk with fellow military spouse Kristen Smith of Blog Your Genius about whether you need a Facebook group or not, building your community, GDPR and how to keep things engaging and fresh without going overboard.

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • Is a Facebook group right for you?
  • Making business relationships personal
  • Setting up and getting people in
  • When, what and how to post in groups
  • Questions and privacy
  • Monetization

About Our Guest

Kristen Smith started blogging as an outlet during college. From there, content creation & a dynamic online presence powered growing and selling blogs, profitable brand partnerships, ghost writing opportunities and work with professionals from new entrepreneur to Fortune 500 executives. Now she leads the content strategy conversation at Blog Your Genius, a community for women wanting out of the box professional opportunity.

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