White Walls – Military Lives Facebook Group

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White Walls – Military Lives Facebook Group // White walls. It’s the first thing we notice when walking into our new home on base or in a rental after a PCS. It’s unsettling, yet strangely invigorating. It’s a blank slate. Your house doesn’t feel like a home – not yet. It’s not a home until we decorate it just right; just like we had it before…or maybe we want to do something different this time, but what? Hmm?

We need someone to brainstorm how to decorate this wall or strange nook or empty room. Who do you ask when you’ve just PCS’d to new base, into a new town surrounded by strangers?

It’s a good think we have more than 90,000 military spouse “friends” to ask at our fingertips.

White Walls – a 90,000+ and counting Facebook group was started just for this purpose, designed just for our military life style in mind. White Walls Facebook group is the brainchild of two energetic and highly creative military spouses who saw a need – and filled it! Erin Morris and Megan Smith (both Air Force spouses and busy moms) created a place and space on Facebook for military spouses to decorate, repurpose, refinish, problem solve, and create a home after a PCS. It’s brilliant idea.