How To Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest

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How To Set Up Rich Pins on Pinterest – Step by Step WordPress Pinterest Rich Pin Tutorial // Quite simply, Rich Pins offer more details than your standard Pinterest pins, therefore making them more useful.

If you’re a retailer you can include product information such as real-time pricing, stock availability and direct links to the product page.

Rich Pins are a very similar concept to ‘rich snippets’. If you’re already aware of ‘rich snippets’ then you’re half way to understanding Rich Pins.

A rich snippet is basically a HTML markup that adds extra detail to the text underneath the URL in a search result.

Google has a favoured HTML markup called Schema. Schema markup gives webmasters all kinds of options to make their site’s listing on a search engine results page (SERP) look all snazzy and relevant to your business or service. If you want to know more about this check out What is Schema markup and why you should use it?

Rich Pins don’t offer quite as many options as Schema markup but there’s certainly a lot for marketers to begin with and adding metadata to your pinnable content is definitely helping drive referrals.

According to Get Elastic one study found Pins with prices get 36% more likes than those without. Target saw a 70% increase Pinterest referrals after enabling Rich Pins.