Podcast 47 – Ozark Fence Success With Online Marketing (w/ @OzarkFence)


When getting down to the day-to-day running of your business, marketing may seem like the last thing you or anyone needs to be looking at. You’re so busy making sure you do your job well, you start thinking: “Is it something I even need? None of my competitors are doing it.”

Today I talk with Joe Everest of Ozark Fence about why that’s the perfect reason to get started. We discuss how to make sure you’re getting ahead in your area, how the data can surprise you and guide your business beyond just marketing, and how some of the best-laid plans simply don’t work out.

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • Will it work for your business?

  • Understanding your perfect customer

  • Letting the data do it’s thing

  • Testing things out and getting things wrong

About Our Guest

Ozark Fence has been family owned & operated for over 60 years in Springfield, Illinois. Three generations work in the business. We have been building fences and “protecting your piece of the Ozarks since 1955”. Joe is continuing his Grandfather’s legacy through Ozark Fence & Supply Company, but creating his legacy through Orange Media Global. He is a social media marketer that instinctively understands what business owner’s concerns and viewpoints. Other job titles include but are not limited to: Husband, Dad, Coach, Confidant and Friend.

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