Podcast 52 – Marketing Your HVAC Business (w/ @christinadorann)

Podcast 52 - Marketing your HVAC Business (w/ @christinadorann@

Whether you do your own marketing, or you’re responsible for marketing another ‘boring’ business, there’s a lot you have to keep on top of if you’re gonna do it well. What will work? What do people actually want to hear from you? What the heck do you even do?


This week, I talk to Christina D Wagner about how to plan out your marketing in a fun and unique way, how to keep the ball rolling once you do, and which mistakes to avoid.


In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • Unique techniques
  • Educational marketing
  • Growing social media following
  • Worst marketing mistakes
  • Getting started



About Our Guest

Christina Wagner is a marketing professional and former Mrs. Woman Arizona. Her years of experience and dedication to helping others succeed in their business has made her an invaluable resource to her clients as an influencer and connector. She has built an amazing networking of business professionals, that she considers to be friends, in the Phoenix community through her hard work and dedication to helping others.


When Christina isn’t networking, going Live on Facebook, or helping others she can be found supporting and loving all over her two kids. She is currently the Marketing Manager of Fountain Hills Air Conditioning and Heating and the founder of AZ Ladies Night Out.


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