Podcast 53 – Chatbots for Your Boring Business (w/ @shewakeboards)

Anything bots can do I can do better, and we don’t want them to take over the world and put us all out of jobs right? So just how useful is this tech? Surely it can’t do anything you can’t already do yourself?

Today I talk to Amanda Robinson about the myriad of things that bots can do to enhance the marketing you’re already doing, or take a few things off your hands so you can get back to doing what you do best.

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • Are bots gonna put us all out of jobs?
  • Bots as scheduling tools
  • Broadcasting with bots
  • Having conversations with your customers
  • Adding a chatbot
  • Worst things to do with bots


About Our Guest

Amanda Robinson is the founder of Social Savvy Society, “helping make business life easier for the less digitally savvy”. Amanda has a unique skill for breaking down complex digital topics, teaching them to the average user and getting people inspired about everything digital.

She is the go-to resource for deep-diving into Live Streaming Video, Facebook Ads, Messenger Marketing Chatbots, and Google Analytics. Her flair for analyzing marketing data is her superpower for creating effective content and campaigns to maximize your marketing spend.

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