Episode 56 – Online Courses to Add Revenue and Get Leads (w/rob_balasabas)

Are you wondering “how can I add extra revenue to my business?” Do you have an idea for a course or to teach people, but are just not sure how where to start?


Today I talk to Rob Balasabas about how you can use online courses to grow your business, get more leads, and add passive revenue to your boring business.

In this Episode, we will share with you:

  • What a course actually is
  • How online courses can help
  • Getting started
  • How to make your course valuable
  • What to do next

About Our Guest

Rob is the Social Media & Community Manager at Thinkific. He manages the daily curation of Thinkific’s message on social media. You may also find him engaging with their private online community of course creators inside the “Thinkific Studio” Facebook Group.

Rob has been with Thinkific since 2016, starting on the Customer Champion Team where we worked closely with customers to get their Thinkific sites off the ground, and making the leap into the Marketing Team in early 2018.

These days, you may see Rob talking about Thinkific, Online Courses, and Digital Marketing strategies on webinars, livestreams and podcasts, if he’s not in line at the local taco food truck or artisan coffee shop 🙂


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