New Year, New Marketing Planning

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New Year, New Marketing Planning // New Year is always a good time to evaluate your marketing plan. Do you need to engage more? Maybe shake off that boring look and take part in some fun national holidays. New Year means New Marketing Planning.

Get your Sendible Content Calendar here: 

Video marketing will be king in 2019 so make sure you plan your content to boss the new year and make 2019 your bitch. Rather nicely Sendible have pulled together a social media marketing calendar you can use to spark content ideas. Its packed with national and world holiday dates as well as much more. These can inspire you to make fun engaging posts for world spaghetti day while also tapping today large media days with serious messages such as Memorial Day.

If you can engage with your audience in 2019 with video or social media posts you are more likely to win a click, a sale or some brand awareness. The more you show up in newsfeeds and social media inboxes the more your dream client are to reach out and contact you. Don’t let your profiles look stale and recycled, think of some fun new posts to share in 2019.