How To Use Instagram Stories for Business

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Show your clients and your audience your human side with Instagram Stories. Instagram stories are quick 15 seconds clips that can roll over into mini videos. They can be tagged with location and hashtags but they can also be much more than this, they can be a window into the behind the scenes life of you and your brand.

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The idea behind Instagram Stories was a simple one. The intention was to allow people to share “moments” of their day quickly and easily. These could be in the form of a series of photos or videos. Then everything that you put together for your Story would become a slideshow on Instagram.

This stays on your account for twenty-four hours and then disappears. The coolest part is, IG Stories are featured at the TOP of the home feed. No beating the algorithm required! Simply add another element to your Story and you’re bumped to the front of the line.

In addition, Instagram posts a little reminder in the feed about Stories that are about to expire, so your followers have another nudge to watch your Story before it disappears.

Plus, Instagram places a lovely rainbow circle around your profile picture that travels with you wherever you post or comment.

This is a clue to anyone who sees your image that you have a new Story available! Followers, non-followers, anyone at all can simply tap your IG profile photo, and your Story takes over the screen. Magic!

But that’s not all! You can post your Story to your profile page if you want to keep it. These are called Highlights. String a bunch of related Story elements together, give it a short, clear name, and it can live on your profile page as long as you like.

How to Use Instagram Stories for Business!