New Facebook Group Features for 2019

Every year Facebook holds its annual F8 conference in which the company showcases its coming facebook group features, additions, updates and more. There were too many announcements to include in one giant video including new changes for groups, an app redesign and Facebook Dating but today I touch upon the changes to the Facebook groups that I am excited to see and might help your boring business in the long term.

Facebook wants to show everyone it’s serious about privacy now, using its annual developers conference to elaborate on what the company is touting as its “privacy-focused future.” But Facebook had plenty to say about its present, announcing new features for Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Portal that have been rolling out since April 30 and will continue throughout the year.

Facebook, for example, is getting a redesign, first for its mobile app and later this year for the web version of the social network. Messenger is getting an overhaul as well, with Facebook promising a faster mobile app and planning a desktop version of the chat app for this fall. And Facebook Dating, first announced at last year’s F8 developer conference, will finally launch in the U.S. later this year.

But Facebook executives introducing those new features took great pains to explain how they fit in with the social networking giant’s recent pivot to privacy-focused products, first announced by CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a blog post last month. The F8 keynote today gave Zuckerberg his first chance to expand on those ideas and how Facebook is going to approach what he described as a “massive undertaking” that take years to complete.

“This is the next chapter for our services,” Zuckerberg told F8 attendees. “In addition to the digital town square, we need the equivalent of a digital living room.”