Why Your Business Needs A Live Show

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Why Your Business Needs A Live Show // Going live is one of my favorite things to do. It is a great way to make content, interact with your audience and entertain your followers. it can also be a great way to build brand awareness within your niche or even your local area.

Every business needs and live show and here is why –

1 – Foundation Content – A live stream can be a great way to start making content and re-purposing content for your business. If you only have time to make 1 piece of original content then a live-stream is an absolute must. A live stream can be cut up into little snippets and shared on social media, teasers and even soundbites that will keep feeding you traffic throughout the week.

2 – Consistency – Having a live show on a set day at a set time breeds consistency. One of the most powerful tools on a social media brand is consistent, reliable, helpful content. If you are making a livestream each week people get used to you, your content and where/when to find it.

3 – Become An Industry Expert – If you are brave enough to get yourself on camera and help teach people your industry via a live show then that is step towards being recognized within your field. You can build up your brand and trust within people in your niche and then you very quickly become that local expert that people come to for help for issues within your niche.

4 – Sponsorship – Having a live-stream opens up a door to financial options you may not have considered before. If you are tackling a niche then it is most likely that you are also using set tools, services and companies. This can lead to the perfect match for you and other brands that might lead to sponsorship, just like me and sendible.

5 – Sales & Affiliate Marketing – Once live and comfortable with your products and services, a live stream can act as a sales vehicle for you and associated products. Shirts, Mugs, Hoodies and other merchandise. Or If you have a guest on who talks about their product or service you could add affiliate links to funnel that attention into sales and referrals. This helps fund the live show and helps you to secure more interesting guest to help promote them. You could also push people to amazon affiliate links for equipment and books etc.