How To Go Live on Instagram

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How To Go Live on Instagram // Live-streaming on Instagram is a great way to bring fresh eyes to your content and grow your brand. Going live on Instagram is quick, easy and can help you make more content for your business with more impulsive videos and interactive live chats.

Instagram posts provide the perfect diversion for short attention-spanned multitaskers, whereas live video requires user commitment and their undivided attention. Live Instagram is a disruptive concept within the app, and it contradicts the current ecosystem’s status quo.

While it remains an underused functionality, people will eventually warm up to the update Instagram released a few months back, as businesses find their footing with it. It can become a great way for brands to engage their audience, but we’ve seen very little unique content developed for it thus far.

Utilizing IG live has the potential to become extremely beneficial for brands. There are a few reasons for that. First, because the Instagram algorithm rewards accounts that utilize all of the platform’s functions. Second, when you go live, you’re automatically pushed to the front of the Stories lineup that sits atop each of your followers’ feeds.

Instagram also sends a push notification to your entire audience to let them know you’ve gone live. That is an incredible opportunity to capitalize on, as it’s another way to get more eyes your branded content. There are massive benefits to using IG Live, so it’s time to take it seriously and fit it into your content development plan and strategy.

Take a look at some of the brands who are doing a great job with the feature, like VogueJ.Crew and RIF LA. They are at the forefront of Instagram Live, and with a little bit of elbow grease (aka the aforementioned killer best practices), you can be, too.