Moving To Phoenix – Life After The Military

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Moving To Phoenix – Life After The Military // It has finally happened we are moving from Los Angeles Las Vegas to Phoenix Arizona to start our new life outside the air force. The time has come for us to leave the military bubble and start our new life outside the armed forces.

This week as been looming for a while and we have finally picked our new “forever home” and moving out of Vegas into our new found home in Phoenix. This move was stressful and emotional but it sets up our future and our new life.

After a lot of soul searching and dreaming we decided that an RV tour was a wild idea but completed unpractical. So we looked into our hearts and realized that family and friends is where we should be. That means we will be returning to Phoenix Arizona, where the sun is hot and the sand is EVERYWHERE but most importantly we already have friends and family to help us build out future support network.