How To Change Template on Facebook Business Page – Facebook Page Templates 2019

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Facebook Page Templates 2019 – How To Change Facebook Templates // Facebook Business Pages are a great way to boost sales, grow you brand and advertise your services or events. In the recent F8 Facebook changes we now have even more choice and features to help boost your Facebook game.

Facebook is very good at updating their platform, optimising the whole social media experience and helping business owners advertise. The app and browser versions of Facebook are constantly tweaked and updates are rolled out on mass or to a selected group.

A feature that was updated towards the end of 2016 but has gone under the radar for many is the new Facebook Page templates. There are several new templates available to Facebook Business Page owners, affecting the Page layout and action buttons (call-to-action buttons). The goal of the templates is to make it easier for businesses to get the right information and content in front of their customers.

An example of each of the Template types are as followed –

  1. Services:
  2. Shopping:
  3. Video:
  4. Theater:
  5. Restaurant:
  6. Non-profit:
  7. Venue:
  8. Biz page:
  9. Standard:
  10. Politics:

How do I apply the new Facebook Page Templates?

To access the new Facebook Page templates you’ll need to log into Facebook via a desktop browser so you can see the full settings. Once your viewing your Page click “Settings” and then “Templates and tabs” on the lefthand side.

You will then be on the “Templates and tabs” page with the name of the current template selected. Next, click “Edit” and a small window will open displaying all the Page templates available. Facebook will recommend a couple of templates based on your business but you can have a play to see which is the best fit for you.

Clicking “View Details” will give an overview of the template layout and CTA (call-to-action) options. (I’ve listed these below to make it easier).

To select a template click “Apply Template”, then “OK”. Don’t worry about the information on your Page it will be safe when changing templates. The only thing you have to update each time you apply a new template is the CTA button.

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