How To Use GIFs For Marketing (2020)

How To Use GIFs For Marketing (2020)

Can we just take a moment to talk about how awesome a world it is that we live in? That we can express ourselves with GIFs. That’s right. In this video, we’re talking ’bout how you can use GIFs for all of your marketing.

As someone who is often taken as a little aggressive in their natural speech pattern, gifs allow me to express myself and get my message across in a very silly and very fun way that I normally default to.

So how can you be using GIFs for your marketing? I’m so glad that you asked.

I actually partnered up with Tenor for this video because they are just like the best, biggest platform on the interwebs for all of your GIF needs. Just like we turn to Google for search and optimization, and we turn to YouTube for all of our video and learning needs. Tenor is a number one GIF library on the world. Probably because it is also owned by Google.

Let’s figure out how you can be using this for your marketing.

Instructions or how to’s

First things first, consider using GIFs for like doing instructions or how to’s. Now, often people think of GIFs as like very short and to the point, but you can use them to demonstrate how to do something. For example, you can use a gif to maybe show how a cleaning product works, like how like it’s the before and after and like you wipe it and it’s just magically clean. Or maybe you’re trying to show like how you would wear or style something, or maybe you’re trying to figure out how to explain like how to put like the little bottom of a camera together. You can do all of that with a gif. So it’s a visual, easy, cycling way for you to share instructions and how to’s for your business.

GIFs are also a wonderful way to show off your products.

Let’s say you have like a handbag in like 10 different colors. You can make an animated GIF for like, it’s changing out the color but like the purse stays perfectly still. Or maybe you launched a new product where you have like lots of different sizes, so you can have like your signature size, and you can like pop in all the other ones at the bottom of the image. Whatever it is, show off your products with gifs because it’s gonna add a new life, besides using soft photography or like the same things over and over and over again.

Express a mood or feeling

Now, this is my favorite thing to use GIFs for and that’s to express a mood. I often will use a GIF like at the top of an E-mail or in the comments of something, or like when I’m trying to express to people that like adulting is so hard, or I’m so happy or get into it, do your business, make it happen.

Social Media Engagement

GIFs are also a really great way to connect with people. One of my secret social media engagement hacks when it comes to getting more engagement on all of your posts, whether it is on Facebook or Twitter, or all of the places, is to use GIFs because you can use them as a way to share an emotion or what you’re thinking, so I encourage you to comment with a GIF, and then comment with some text, so it gives it tow-fer, shows a little bit extra love for the people that you’re following on your brand.

Now, where exactly can and should you be using GIFs?

Well, first things first, I just said it; on your E-mail marketing. Use it as a way to express something and get your message across. You can use literally all of the examples that I just did in the GIF if you’re trying to also convey that message to your potential and current customers.

You also can use them on social media, again, express how you feel, show off your product; whatever it is, GIFs and social media are like the marriage that we’ve always wanted between Mickey Mouse and Minnie, okay?

Make your own library of comments rather than saying over and over and over again: thanks, you rock!, appreciate you, on repeat, copy-paste. Use GIFs of yourself saying: thanks! You rock!, Whoop, Whoop!, or whatever you wanna say, and use those GIFs in the comments. It’s gonna be so much better than just some text message, I promise. It converts amazing ’cause I definitely do this for my customers.

The best way to get started with creating a GIF library is to head over to Tenor. Tenor has a really easy way for you to get this going, especially if you already have a Gmail account.

And until next time. I’ll see you soon.