COMPLETE Guide to Live Streaming Overlays

How to Create Overlays

Overlays are an essential part of making your Live Streams professional and effective. With the right overlay you will be able to share information, show how to do things, have better interviews, and so much more.

Overlays are an extension of your live stream. They are meant to help your better visually tell the story so you can hold your audience’s attention and encourage engagement.


When it comes to overlays, here is how I encourage your to think about them and your live stream:

  • Extension of your brand
  • Support your ROS
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Ask questions
  • Tell your audience to do something

There are honestly so many awesome overlay options available to you, you just need to make them. Once you are comfortable with creating overlays, here are the overlays you should consider creating and using:

  • Lower thirds
    • Names
    • CTAs
    • Contact info
  • Frames
  • Sponsor information
  • Study the layout and add more CTA’s or Value
  • Background


Now that we have discussed foundations, here are some ways to use overlays that you might now have thought about.

  • Animated Gifs
  • Countdown times
    • Gif 
    • Sponsored logo
  • Two person with image overlay
  • Full screen countdowns
  • Screen share with draw on screen
  • Vertical branding
  • SUPER frame/shapes