7 Ways To Market WITHOUT Facebook or Instagram

7 Ways to Market Your Business Without Facebook and Instagram

Is it even possible to market your business without Facebook and Instagram? Facebook still reigns supreme as a leading social network in the world which is f-ing annoying because it is quickly becoming my least favorite place to do business. I find the algorithm is complicated and pandering, Facebook ads are just so freaking complicated, you never get to see everything you want from the people or brands you want to, and while groups are amazing they take time and dedication that I don’t always have.

It is just trying to do and be too much and I am just over it. In fact, I haven’t been posting to my Facebook business page in a while and my business hasn’t suffered one bit. No one has asked me if I am still in business and the only DMs I’ve gotten have been spammy. I would go so far to argue that at this point having and posting to a Facebook Business Plan is only really helpful if you plan to advertise.

Now literally anything you do on social media or the internet requires a plan. Without a plan you are shooting in the dark and will be ineffective. So grab my free planning worksheet to get with your new No-Facebook plan.

So how can you get away from this social media behemoth? Let me share with you what strategies you can use to market your business without Facebook or Instagram.

How to market your business without Facebook or Instagram

Youtube is the #1 place where I spend my time doing business. It has been the BEST place for me to give value, get leads, convert business, and add additional revenue streams to my business. I mean more than likely you are watching this video on Youtube.

Youtube is the 2nd biggest search engine behind Google (who owns Youtube) AND the 3rd most visited website in the world, behind Google and Tiktok. YouTube has over 2.2 billion monthly active users which is far behind Facebook which has 2.8 Billion monthly active users. BUT 73% of all American adults use YouTube. That’s 5% more than the number of adults that said they used Facebook.

There are also countless statistics highlighting the massive usage of people under 25 using Youtube over all other platforms. (Which is important for future proofing your business.)

So what can you do with all this data…The obvious answer is to start creating content on Youtube, but I am not going to be that vague for you.

When using Youtube you need to remember something VITAL. Youtube is EVERGREEN, meaning what you post will keep working for you. Vs Facebook which has a shelf life of 2 days if you are lucky. My best performing content on my Youtube channel is at least a year old. These problem solving videos bring in my target audience, get me new leads to my email list thanks to my email opt-in, and this traffic comes from search traffic from Google (the #1 lead source for most service based businesses).

The best way to get started is to start creating videos answering your most commonly asked questions you get asked related to your industry. For some guidance just start Googling these questions to lock in on how these questions are being searched for. You want to aim for these videos to be 3-7 minutes and at a minimum bullet point out what you are going to say. Often times new video creators will ramble or get stuck on the “ums” which I know you want to avoid.

I also want to nip this in the butt now….You don’t need a fancy camera, lighting or any other bells and whistles. You need to show up, give value, and be yourself! I used a webcam and a window for my first year on Youtube. This allowed me to keep it simple and work out my kinks before upgrading. Use what you have, not what the “big Youtubers” are using.

In fact, today’s video sponsor, Streamyard, makes creating video incredibly easy. Whether you are going live or just recording you can make high quality videos with overlays, graphics, screenshares, guests, and more. You can check our Streamyard for free with the link in the comments down below.

I also want to mention that Youtube is a long term strategy. It took me years to get to my current growth. My first year resulted in only 219 subscribers and 13,000 views. But each year afterwards my numbers have seen compounding growth which has also allowed for me to have a steady stream of new business to my agency and also brought me some unique opportunities for brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, ad sense and more.

If I can do it, so can you!

How to market your business without Facebook or Instagram

I don’t think anyone could have expected the massive growth that was vertical video since 2020, but it is definitely here to stay. Literally every social networking (Facebook included) now has or have experimented with Stories or TikTok style videos. The heavy hitters are TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube.

TikTok is the main reason for the success of vertical videos. With their 15-60 second vertical videos that are trend and interest lead, this social network is a massive growth opportunity one short video at a time.

Instagram Reels and Stories are incredibly popular for existing Instagram users. They provide a mix of BTS, what’s-on-my-mind content as well fun trending audio that can be used by anyone. Stories are a fun feature because content goes away after 24 hours giving viewers fomo and you the opportunity to share something new each day.

Youtube Shorts is a legit copy based on the success of TikTok, but with a bonus feature. Shorts not only can be viewed by anyone at random (based on the individuals Youtube use) on the Youtube Short Shelf, but they also are searchable. I do a lot of simple tutorials as shorts that are able to have a pop of popularity and then have long term relevance in the future based on search.

Let’s be honest, the Vertical Video trend makes sense. It gives people repeat microdoses of entertainment, education, relatability, hacks and more. My saved Reels on Instagram are lengthy because I am always getting inspired from everyone on the platform, learning new things, or eager to purchase new products. I mean LOOK how beautiful these moss art pieces are! How could I NOT want one for my new house?

So how can you do this too? Spending time researching hashtags and keywords related to your industry to see what vertical videos and trends your “competitors” and fellow industry professionals are having success with. Save they ones you like and ones that you think you could “mimic” for your own social.

You can also repurpose long form videos from Youtube or your live streams onto vertical video platforms. There are a ton of ideas and ways you can take clips, resize them, add closed captions and titles and post to Tiktok, Reels, or Youtube shorts. INFACT Youtube lets you create shorts from videos super easy.

Make sure to consult your content plan and content calendar to see what goals and objectives you are needing to hit for your content as well as what days that these vertical videos can be posted to.

NOTE you don’t have to dance or sing or lip sync. You can have success just talking to the selfie camera on your phone. You can also take a video of things in your office, your product or service in action, create a montage of photos or do hand explanations and just add a trending relevant audio to it.

The objective of vertical video is to be relevant with your content AND have fun. It is so much easier to create a vertical video than to stage the perfect picture or spend time creating the perfect graphic. Simplify and experiment.

How to market your business without Facebook or Instagram

Now, when you talk about a common and untapped market Pinterest is the leader. Pinterest is a super fun, positive, and inspiring place on the internet for you to spend time creating engaging clickable Pins to drive traffic to your website.

You should look at Pinterest like a visual searchable library of ideas and inspiration. 444 million users use Pinterest to not only get ideas for holidays, home decor, and DIY but for business and life. Every business has a place on Pinterest, but it requires you playing the Pinterest game. Not only do other search in Pinterest BUT Pinterest Pins get indexed on Google giving your double search capabilities.

You will want to make sure you have an up-to-date website and active blog. Pinterest has EPIC backlinking for your site, so every image or video you post can be turned into a clickable graphic redirecting to your website and the source materials.

You will also want to send time creating eye-catching vertical images that hold scrollers attention. You can use a tool like Canva to find new templates and inspiration and adjust them for your brands colors and fonts. You will definitely want to consider multi-panel graphics and test multimedia pics where you have an image, title, and video in the vertical graphics.

Pinterest is also another place to repurpose vertical videos. You can easily take your vertical video, post them as an idea pin, set it up for success, and backlink to your website then watch the views roll in.

With the right strategy, creativity, and time Pinterest can become a leading lead source for your business and should not be overlooked, no matter what your industry is.

How to market your business without Facebook or Instagram

4. Twitter
I know many of you out there are played out on Twitter and might not know what to even do there, but Twitter definitely as some legs. You can’t treat it like a dumping ground for your blogs and content, but you will need to consume and participate.

I have been having success on Twitter lately in the content and Youtube space. Twitter identified that “social media” and “Youtube” were content pieces I posted about a lot and engaged with a lot, so they gave me the opportunity to follow those categories or keywords in addition to individuals and brands. I have been able to keep up with news and trends, find new guests for my Women of Youtube podcast, and connect with current & new peers.

Twitter has also added some great features that rival Facebook and other social networks. They now allows for you to go Live (which you need a 3rd part tool like Streamyard to let you do), they created Spaces, a Clubhouse rival and audio only experience, and you can use Communities to connect with people you want to talk with about a topic which is more focused than Facebook Groups.

This platform is definitely fast paced and not only requires your time but also for you to contribute frequently (like maybe 5+ times a day PLUS replying to Tweets). If this is something you want to try clock out 3 or 4 15 minute intervals in your day to consume, retweet, and tweet your own contributions.

How to market your business without Facebook or Instagram

I have talked a lot about search in this video because I really think it is important for you to dominate on the web. And nothing is more dominating than Google’s Google My Business. Originally, Google My Business listings were for Brick & Mortar businesses but Google quickly realized that small businesses that worked from home or remotely wanted to tap into the power of the worlds largest search engine.

Google My Business is also a very low maintenance way to market your business, with the hardest part being setting it up. Then all you have to do is request customers leave you reviews and you can respond to them.

With your Google My Business account you can display important information about your business like contact information, hours of operation, and links to your website. You can also add posts with an image or video and upto a 300 character description.

Using Google My Business is a great way to be found better in search, share client reviews, and make sure your digital store front is on point.

How to market your business without Facebook or Instagram

6 & 7. Forum Sharing – Quora and Reddit
When you think of Reddit or Quora you might tune out or click away but I want to remind you that you want new and effective ways to market your business outside of Facebook. Well, these are tow viable options.

Reddit is a filter free place on the internet to share about literally anything and everything with a focused community. Now don’t go thinking that you can spam links to your content and push your product. You have to actually participate, comment, share, and be present. Otherwise the Reddit people will COME for you and it is not pretty. However, if you want to establish yourself as an expert and be known, Reddit communities are the bees knees.

Quora allows for you to post and answer questions to the internet giving your great organic reach. This is another way to establish yourself as an expert, give you search visibility, thought leadership, and more. This one is a little less consistent but nonetheless worth some consideration.