If You Came to Me Needing Online Marketing Help, Here’s What I’d Tell You

If you’re just starting with online marketing, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. That’s why it’s important to stay up-to-date with the most relevant and current ways to grow your business online. As a beginner, you may be wondering what strategies to use and what to avoid. Let me guide you through the best practices for a modern marketing plan and share what not to do to be effective with your online marketing.

Stop Using Old Outdated Strategies

When I first started on social media, we were offering daily postings to Facebook and Twitter with five custom-branded graphics every month and a $25 ad budget, and it was like $125. At that time, posting, broadcasting, and boosting were things that worked really well. You could post content, add a little ad money to get a boost and make sure the content was customized and branded, and it went a long way. But now, there are so many social media marketing companies that still offer that, or there are companies that like to check the box, “we’re doing all of those ads. Let’s just check that social media box.” Or maybe you think “I just need to have a presence, and that should be good enough for the social’s people’s.” That’s not going to work.

Modern Strategies For Streamlining Success

Now, social media is having an effective plan where you’re working smart and not hard, creating a master content piece of content that you then trickle down and reuse into multiple ways. The modern strategy that I use for my clients is having long-form videos at the center of their strategy. They’re able to spend time creating long-form content to educate their audience about something specific that solves a problem that they might have (or that maybe they don’t know they are having.)

With that one master piece of content, we’re going to not only have a YouTube video that we can use for evergreen marketing over and over again, but we’re also going to be able to turn that video into a blog post that can be used for their website, which maximizes their SEO reach. We’re going to take that video and we’re going to dissect it up into other short-form pieces of content, probably vertical.

More Ways To Repurpose Content

We’re going to then quote ourselves in our video. We’re going to create quote graphics and statement posts on social media for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more so that we can then have this pool of content that we can use to post for a week or two weeks or even over the course of a month to keep that content information alive. 

And then if we want to get to the next level with this, we want to add in a Pinterest strategy where we’re going to be able to make Pins from this one source piece of content that we’re going to be able to use to backlink to the source YouTube video and the blog to driving traffic organically to everything that we’re doing so that we can keep this content alive.

It’s essential to work smart and not hard by creating a masterpiece of content that you can reuse across multiple platforms. With the right strategy, you can turn one video into a blog post, social media posts, Pinterest pins, and much more. If you need any help or advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.