There are two things I hate more than anything else in the world; the word ‘synergy’ and seeing people struggle. I am a fixer. If you are going to come to me to bitch, then expect to leave my presence with a solution.

All-In-One exists to fix two problem; to help small business stop wasting their time doing their own social media so they can focus on running their business and to help put military spouses to work no matter where Uncle Sam tells them to call home.

My journey to entrepreneurship started in 2010, when more and more people kept asking me how to use the new website called Facebook to grow their business. As a long time college user, it seemed crazy that this platform I used to share my young adult adventures was now going to be used by real grownups to do business was weird and fascinating. I dove head first and ever since I have been working with small business to give them back their time by handling (and growing) their social media for them. Since then, I’ve won multiple awards, established Social Media Day Arizona, have been considered a subject matter expert for various media sources, and been able to be a part of many wonderful businesses social media growth along the way.

When I got married in 2014, I was married to a new Airman, pregnant, and stranded in the middle of nowhere ready to take on my new life. The more and more I became a part of my military community, the more I learned how hard it was for military spouses. Not just because we all play second fiddle the demands of the Military, but because there isn’t much opportunity for them to make money while also holding down the fort at home. These educated and driven spouses just want to provide for their family, but often get the door slammed in their face because the carry the title ‘military spouse.’

In September of 2015, as I entered into my 3rd trimester with my 2nd (and last) child, All-In-One Social Media was born. We put military spouses to work by helping businesses grow with social media. My years of helping business owners showed me that business want to be a part of social media, but often just don’t know what to do. I love helping them by giving them a voice in social media, seeing them grow, and relieving the stress from them.

You go run your business.
I, no we’ve, got your social media covered.

Watch this video to learn why my mission to put military spouses to work is so important to me and the businesses we service:


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