Do-it-for-you Youtube Management

Get PAID to help your people!

As a Youtube educator, you are absolutely crushing it with guiding people through the process of what to create, how to create, and what they need to do to do it better. But so many of your students never take the leap or don't have the time because they are unable to do the work that is necessary to make Youtube their #1 priority.

You are just one person who values your time immensely and is incredibly picky about who you take on as a client so you can't help everyone with the labor-intensive work of doing Youtube correctly and consistently.

You need a fellow Youtuber who knows the ins-and-outs of what it takes to create great content not just for Youtube but for internet marketing that you can trust to take care of your audience's needs.

All-In-One Social Media marketing now offers full do-it-for-you Youtube marketing services. We will work with your audience members to execute their vision. No more:

  • Letting not know how to use a tool stop you.
  • Not having time.
  • Not knowing what to do or where to put content.
  • No more excuses!

Our services include:

This includes:

  • Editing one video per week* (includes bottom third graphics, text on screen, end credit design with one set of edits)**
  • Optimizing, titling, description
  • Thumbnail design
  • *video must be less than 10 minutes long
  • **all design work done in company branding

Cost $899


Add ons

Blog integration: write a blog of your video for your website and embed the video into the blog, post to your existing blog on your website
Cost $199

Social media promo content:
Create one square teaser videos that is less than 60 seconds for social sharing*
Create one square quote image from the video*
*this is done for each video posted. One video per week includes one teaser video and one quote image
Cost $299

Bundle price for full do-it-for-you Youtube marketing

So, what's in it for you?

As a Youtuber, I also want to make sure the things I am promoting are not only good but are giving a kickback. Similar to all the great tools we love like Tubebuddy and Streamyard, our affiliate program offers a residual monthly payment for any referral you bring to us.

  • Editing services - $75
  • Blog integration - $25
  • Social Media promo content - $25
  • Bundle - $100

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