Where does the content come from?

Our content marketing team members scour the web looking for relevant content to share on your pages. We post blogs, news, images, trending topics and more. All posts are relevant to your brand and your voice.

Our content marketing team are trained social media professionals located here in the United States.

Will I have access to my accounts?

Definitely! You will have just as much access to your accounts as we do. It is your brand and your page, we are just here to help relieve your social media stress.

How do you know what to post on my accounts?

When you sign-up for our service an account manager will contact you to learn more about your business, your voice and what sets you apart from other businesses like yours. We use this information to tailor posts to sound just like you. We will also work with you on making sure we are posting information you find is in the best interest of your brand. We are always looking to improve so any feedback you can provide, the better we can be for your business.

What if I don’t have a Twitter  account?

We will set one up for you at no extra cost. If you decide you don’t want those accounts that is fine, however it does not change the cost of the service.

Do I have to have Facebook advertising?

While Facebook does not charge you to have a business page or to post to it, they have a pay-to-play model. Basically, when you give Facebook money they will give your business page preferential treatment on your followers timeline. Our goal for your social media is for you to be as successful as possible and for that to be accomplished you need Facebook advertising.

How can I participate in posting?

We love when our business owners contribute by posting. We will provide you with information on how you can be a part of your social media posting including ideas on what to post, what to say and how we can work together.

What if I want more marketing services?

We are strictly all things social media. If you are looking for services we would gladly talk with you about who we recommend for various services.

Do you offer posting for other social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest or LinkedIn?

We do, however they are not included as a part of the $125 price point. If you are looking for more from your social media service, see the next question.

Do you offer a more custom social media experience?

Absolutely! We would gladly talk with you about what extra custom experiences we can provide to your social media. We have a full service social marketing agency that can aid with whatever you are looking to do with your social media.

What if I want to cancel my service?

We are always sad to see our customers go, but we simply ask for a 30 day notice.


We'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

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