Get Your Message Seen In A Cluttered News Feed With Video & Content Marketing.

In today’s busy news feeds it can be difficult to get people to slow their scroll and pay attention to your brand. Businesses of all sizes need help with connecting and standing out in an effective way by sharing your knowledge, expertise, and personality to connect with your customers in today’s online market. Video and content marketer Desiree Martinez focused on strategic methods to help business get seen through video marketing, content creation, and planning.


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Know for helping boring businesses stand out online, Desiree Martinez is an energetic video creator, Facebook Live host, social media consultant and speaker about strategic video and content marketing. Desiree is known for her step-by-step plans to help business, brands, and solopreneurs take actionable steps towards a successful online marketing plan. She is dedicated to helping the everyday business owners get results with their online marketing and helping bigger brands expand their marketing in new creative ways.

Her credentials include being a Social Media Examiner contributor, founder of Social Media Day Phoenix (which has been officially proclaimed a day in the State of Arizona), former Social Media Producer for CBS-5 Phoenix, hostess of the Marketing For Your Boring Business Podcast and Facebook Live show, Youtuber, and award-winning social media manager.

Desiree is a mom to two rambunctious kids, wife to a United States Airman, and avid lover of Harry Potter and pedicures.


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Desiree Is Available For Keynote and Workshop On These Topics

Build Your Brand's Financial Success Through The Power of Live Streaming

Creating video has never been more important to your marketing strategy, but it is just so dang complicated!
the recording, tech, lighting, fussing over how you look and fumbling over what to say it is just
easier to keep
doing what you are doing now. Let Live Streaming solve all these problems for you and help you
add revenue to your

  • Attend this session to get all this and more:
  • Identify what your live show's purpose is
  • Who to talk to
  • Get over your fear of the tech
  • How you can use Live Streaming to make money
  • How to become an industry expert or local celebrity

Maximize Your Online Presence With Video Marketing Blue Print

You know video is the future of marketing and needs a spot on your marketing roster. But transforming your
business into video stories that become marketing magnets seems out of reach. Until now! Learn how to
hit the
fast-forward button on all things video with a step-by-step guide on what to videos to create, how to
create them
and how to market them to hit the performance goals in creative, affordable ways.

  • Attend this session to get all this and more:
  • How to take your boring business and stand out online.
  • Stats and data that will help you secure funding.
  • What videos to start creating and why.
  • Which platform to select with so many choices.
  • Quick punch list on low budget video production essentials.
  • Coaching tips and advice to get started and keep going.

How A Purpose Driven Business Can Multiply Your Sales & Marketing

In 2014, Desiree was a new Air Force wife stationed in the middle of nowhere watching her fellow military
being turned down for jobs at local retail establishments and fast food restaurants purely because they
military spouses. Desiree has since built a business focused on putting military spouses to work no matter
they are stationed by helping small businesses grow through social media. Establishing a mission for your
brand is
not only good for individuals, but it is also good for business.

  • Attend this session to get all this and more:
  • Examples and success stories
  • How you can identify your own mission
  • How by doing good you will grow your business
  • Tactics for not sounding or being insincere

How To Market To Active Duty Military, Veterans and their Families:

There are currently 1.3 million active duty military members and 20.4 million veterans in the United States. There
a unique culture around military life, but often brands and marketers have no idea how to speak to us to get
us to
open our wallets or care. As an Air Force Wife, Marine Corp kid, and grandparents that served in the
Korean War and
WWII, Desiree’s unique presentation will breakdown:

  • Military culture
  • Do’s and don’ts of marketing to military
  • How you can sell to this untapped demographic that is ready to buy from brands that care and understand them.

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