My Biggest Professional Mistake That Changed The Course of My Life

There are some moments in life that change the course of your life. I am proud to say I have had some truly amazing ones: Marrying my husband, having my children, starting my business, speaking on stage for the first time. But one of my biggest failures happened because of a tweet. That tweet changed…

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All The Things You CAN Do When NOT Doing Social Media

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All The Things You CAN Do When NOT Doing Social Media // Imagine all the time you could save to do all those tasks you been putting off, if only you could outsource your social media time. Social media marketing can be a huge time suck. I will always, always, advocate for people and business…

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Podcast 35 – When to Ask for the Sale on Social Media (w/ @isocialfanz)

[powerpress] An important, maybe THE most important part of any business, is the sale. There are a million different questions you can ask about sales, but some of the most common that probably go through your head are things like “HOW do I sell to people?” “What makes people buy, and what doesn’t?” We’ve all…

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Podcast 34 – How Your Boring Business Can Create Something Awesome (w/ @robertoblake)


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Why Be On Social Media? – Social Media For Beginners 2018 (2/9)

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Social media can be a businesses secret weapon if used correctly. I am often asked ‘Why Be On Social Media?’ and I always have a long list of reasons to rattle through but the most import one is… Social Media is the most powerful tool for brand awareness you will every use, and its FREE!…

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Why I Started a Business for Military Spouses

why I started a business for military spouses

Originally posted on As a mom and military spouse, I’ve learned that necessity is the mother of all invention. There are so many needs and problems that need to be solved creatively and on the fly. We all have worked wonders with blousing straps, finger paint, and duct tape. But there are some problems that even the…

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