How To Create A Content Strategy

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How To Create A Content Strategy – A content strategy is your best plan of attack to target who, what, when, where and how to deliver your social media message and maximise the potential audience reach for your growing brand. A good content strategy will look at the audience it needs to target within the…

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Podcast 015 – How To Create Fun Content & Get Leads With Quizzes

Ep 015 - How To Create Fun Content & Leads With Quizzes

[powerpress] We have all scrolled through our Facebook Newsfeeds and seen those questions: “What Hogwarts House Are You?”, “What Music Era Defines You?”, “What Is Your True Personality Type?” Click, take the Quiz, enter your email, and boom you find out you are the Slytherin you always knew you were! (Ok that last one is…

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Podcast 004 – Why Entrepreneurs Need To Be On Camera

[powerpress] Everywhere you turn, experts keep saying “video is king” on social media right now. And it’s true. It is predicted that by 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic. But as a boring business, it isn’t always easy to just point the camera and go. In this episode,…

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Podcast 003 – Engagement First!

[powerpress] Social comes 1st in social media marketing for a reason, it’s so easy to curate, create and distribute, but now it’s getting kinda lost. Tim Elliott will be going over why “people buy people” through engagement. Whether you are a plumber or famous athlete, you need to engage no matter how hard it is.…

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Podcast 002 – 10 Things You Can Always Post on Social Media

10 things you can always post on social media

[powerpress] Have you ever just been stumped about what to post when you are planning out your social media calendar? Every open up Facebook and just think “Crap! What do I post?” Never fear, we have a list of 10 things you can ALWAYS post on social media to help make your social media life…

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Star Wars Day Content Marketing Ideas

star ways day content marketing ideas

Star Wars is a HUGE deal in the Martinez house, so naturally, I am super pumped for May 4th aka Star Wars Day! Fresh off my Star Wars Celebration high, I wanted to share some Star Wars Day Content Marketing Ideas for you to use in your business or for your clients. I want to…

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Social Media Do This, Not That

social media do this not that

Like most people, I set goals for 2017. I am spending this year focusing on finding balance with my family (because mom life), growing the All-In-Onebusiness & brand, and figuring out what the heck to do about my health & fitness. In all my health & fitness research, I came across Eat This, Not That…

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[FREEBIE] January Social Media Content Calendar

january social media content calendar

Well, we all survived 2016 and it is time to reset for 2017. It is a time for goal setting, planning, and getting it together to succeed in the new year. Over here at All-In-One we want you to succeed in social media. All the experts (including us) believe in having a content calendar for…

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