How To Use Facebook Messenger Code and Scanner

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How To Use Facebook Messenger Code and Scanner // Social media platforms are going all-in for private messaging. With apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Snapchat seeing exponential growth in mere months, it should be no surprise that Facebook has stepped up its game for people to connect easily on Messenger. Using your Messenger code…

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Podcast 50 – Networking with Leads Groups (w/@JodiTowns ‏)

[powerpress] Networking, networking… no matter what industry you’re in, networking is key. If you’re in the marketing world, then it’s pretty much your whole life. But what if your business is totally online? How are you supposed to get out there and meet people when you’re always at your computer?   On this week’s episode,…

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Podcast 49 – Credit: Mortgage Loan (w/@aglutz)

[powerpress] At some point, everyone has to deal with credit score. Everyone. You’d think that, because of this, online and offline marketing kind of don’t apply to the money industry, but… you’d be wrong. No matter the business, you need marketing if you want to grow and evolve as a business. And when your subject…

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Podcast 48 – Marketing Life Insurance (w/ Melissa Schreur)

[powerpress] Death comes for us all… if it didn’t, this week’s guest would have to find a different job. When it comes to marketing your day-to-day business, sometimes things aren’t just boring – they’re tough to talk about. But there comes a time when we all need to buck up and face the fact that…

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How To Add Instagram Highlight Covers – Instagram Highlight Cover Tutorial

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How To Add Instagram Highlight Covers – Instagram Highlight Cover Tutorial – Ready to take your Instagram aesthetic to the next level? Creating your own Instagram Stories Highlights covers is a great way to keep your Instagram profile on brand. Instagram Stories Highlights are an awesome way to share important information about your brand directly…

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How To Go Live On Facebook in Landscape Mode

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How To Go Live On Facebook Horizontally – Facebook Live Landscape Mode // Mobile live streaming is all the rage these days. You can go live to your social media followers from your mobile device from anywhere and at any time. And you can chat with people in real time. Something exciting happen? Share the…

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How To Record YouTube Videos

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How To Record YouTube Videos // How I Record My YouTube Videos – Recording your first YouTube video can be scary but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. I record my videos with my laptop, a Logitech C920 HD 1080P webcam and a tripod. You do not have to spend and arm an a…

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How To Create A Facebook Business Page

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How To Create A Facebook Business Page is a question we are asked on a Regular basis. Creating a Facebook Page for your business is a great step towards building a social media brand. Facebook is the largest social media platform online and is easily the most recognisable brand that you can adopt to share…

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How To Get Started On Facebook – Social Media For Beginners 2018 (5/9)

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Facebook marketing can be a gold mine for many small businesses looking to stand out. How To Get Started On Facebook is a regular topic of discussion for many small businesses. Facebook advertising and social media marketing is always best with a social base and you can’t get more solid than the largest social network…

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