How To Make Your Boring Business Fun on Instagram – Jenn’s Trends

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How To Make Your Boring Business Fun on Instagram – Jenn’s Trends // Jenn Herman – yes, that’s Jenn with two “n”s. If you grew up in the 80s you probably had at least 4 or 5 Jen’s in every class! So, it became important to differentiate ourselves and I became two-n-Jenn. I currently live…

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How To Add Instagram Highlight Covers – Instagram Highlight Cover Tutorial

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How To Add Instagram Highlight Covers – Instagram Highlight Cover Tutorial – Ready to take your Instagram aesthetic to the next level? Creating your own Instagram Stories Highlights covers is a great way to keep your Instagram profile on brand. Instagram Stories Highlights are an awesome way to share important information about your brand directly…

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How To Run A Successful Instagram Giveaway Contest

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How To Run A Successful Instagram Giveaway Contest – Instagram Giveaway Contests can be a great way to get more Instagram followers, grow brand awareness and expand your social media marketing brand. How To Run A Instagram Contest doe not need to be complicated to be successful. You can run your own successful Instagram Giveaway…

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How To Get Started On Instagram – Social Media For Beginners 2018 (7/9)

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Instagram is a fairly new social media platform that revolves around pictures and hashtags. Many people ask How To Get Started on Instagram and I always tell them that Instagram is the art of taking a picture that says everything you need with minimal or no words. Instagram also has a unique edge when it…

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12 Spooktacular Instagram Ideas This Halloween

Halloween and pictures are just as common and necessary as eating too much candy after a night of trick-or-treating. With so many Instagram-worthy images being collected on your phone, why not think about what you could be posting to your brand’s Instagram accounts. It is easier than you think, just as much fun as dressing…

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