Social Media Strategy 101

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Social Media Strategy can be your secret weapon to supercharge you business but you need to master the basics to get the best ROI. Get your plan together, publish the content that matches your brand and you can expand your reach. Some people make social media marketing seem shallow and superficial, but in reality it…

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Black Friday Marketing and Content Ideas

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Black Friday Marketing and Content Ideas // Black Friday has become increasingly popular in the UK and US over the last few years, after originating in the US. Although it’s a day hated by many, Black Friday Marketing has become a great way for retailers to increase profits. Last year, U.S. eCommerce revenue set a…

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January Marketing Calendar

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Forget Christmas, have you started planning your New Year yet?! Your January Marketing Calendar should be on your hitlist already to help you STAND OUT on that cluttered news feed. I know this time of year you’re panicking about Christmas dinner, whether uncle Ralph has had too much brandy or if the cat has got…

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