Podcast 54 – Hollywood Tactics for Becoming a Local Celebrity (w/ @visibilityvixen)

Do you ever think about how awesome you’d be on local TV, thinking ‘I can do better than that!’? Are you a resident expert in your field, and need to prove it? And when you manage to get yourself in front of the camera, will it be worth the ROI?   Today I talk with…

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Podcast 53 – Chatbots for Your Boring Business (w/ @shewakeboards)

Anything bots can do I can do better, and we don’t want them to take over the world and put us all out of jobs right? So just how useful is this tech? Surely it can’t do anything you can’t already do yourself? Today I talk to Amanda Robinson about the myriad of things that…

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Podcast 52 – Marketing Your HVAC Business (w/ @christinadorann)

Podcast 52 - Marketing your HVAC Business (w/ @christinadorann@

Whether you do your own marketing, or you’re responsible for marketing another ‘boring’ business, there’s a lot you have to keep on top of if you’re gonna do it well. What will work? What do people actually want to hear from you? What the heck do you even do?   This week, I talk to…

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Podcast 51 – Online Marketing Fatigue (w/ @MelissaVMorris)

online marketing fatigue

[powerpress] In the day-to-day of running your business, keeping up with the marketing that you know you should be doing can be kinda stressful, maybe even exhausting. You’re busy working on growing your business, doing what you do, and now you’re expected to be a professional marketer too? If you’re new to the whole thing,…

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Podcast 50 – Networking with Leads Groups (w/@JodiTowns ‏)

[powerpress] Networking, networking… no matter what industry you’re in, networking is key. If you’re in the marketing world, then it’s pretty much your whole life. But what if your business is totally online? How are you supposed to get out there and meet people when you’re always at your computer?   On this week’s episode,…

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Podcast 49 – Credit: Mortgage Loan (w/@aglutz)

[powerpress] At some point, everyone has to deal with credit score. Everyone. You’d think that, because of this, online and offline marketing kind of don’t apply to the money industry, but… you’d be wrong. No matter the business, you need marketing if you want to grow and evolve as a business. And when your subject…

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Podcast 48 – Marketing Life Insurance (w/ Melissa Schreur)

[powerpress] Death comes for us all… if it didn’t, this week’s guest would have to find a different job. When it comes to marketing your day-to-day business, sometimes things aren’t just boring – they’re tough to talk about. But there comes a time when we all need to buck up and face the fact that…

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Podcast 47 – Ozark Fence Success With Online Marketing (w/ @OzarkFence)

[powerpress] When getting down to the day-to-day running of your business, marketing may seem like the last thing you or anyone needs to be looking at. You’re so busy making sure you do your job well, you start thinking: “Is it something I even need? None of my competitors are doing it.” Today I talk…

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Podcast 46 – Summer Marketing Strategies (/w @owenvideo)

)     It’s easy to let your marketing slip when those hot and lazy summer days roll round. Between taking well-deserved time off, dealing with vacations, kids and other summery fun, it’s difficult to keep on top of all the other stuff. Beside, you might not even have much worth marketing during the summer……

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Podcast 45 – How to use Facebook Groups for Your Boring Business (w/ @blogyourgenius)

Podcast 45 - How to use Facebook Groups for your Boring Business

[powerpress] Facebook is no stranger to change. Whether you use Facebook to post vacation photos or to power your business, algorithm and service changes affect everyone. There’s one subject we’ve barely touched upon though, a powerhouse in the Facebook world that is bringing people together, creating communities and growing businesses worldwide: Facebook groups. Today I…

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